More than a country, we’re a brand

About Us

About Us

With a population of 2.9 million people, Jamaica ranks number 138 in the list of countries by population. When  compared to its achievements, the small size of the country gives credence to the Jamaican saying “Wi likkle, but wi tallawah,” which, when translated from native Jamaican patois means, we are a small nation, but we are strong and determined. Over the years, Jamaica has stood boldly alongside the world’s best in sports, food, entertainment, and the cultural and creative industries. In specific cases of Sports and Music, the country has dominated the world stage, producing icons such as Bob Marley and Usain Bolt, to name a few.

Bob Markey was one of Jamaica’s forerunners and a hero for the nation in positioning the country as a global music contender. Usain Bolt was also a defining reminder to the Island, of what it means to take Jamaica “to di world.” His achievements echoed the narrative of which many Jamaicans were already aware. Jamaica is “More Than A Country We’re A Brand” This is what is all about, celebrating Jamaica as a brand, providing opportunities for local trade, and an appreciation for all things Jamaica!

The website is a society and social platform, promoting Jamaica’s culture, music, art, and more. The online discussion forum provides visitors with an opportunity to be a part of a community and share their Jamaican experiences. Visitors and members can search for local businesses, shop for their favourite Jamaican products, or buy advertising to expose their business to the right target market.Both international and community tourism is a focal point of the site through the opportunity to find services, events, book vacations, or tours easily, and shop online.

The site is a testament to the first social platform in Jamaica, that also enables commerce. In this cultural space, both
businesses and individuals have something to offer and can benefit from networking and sharing. On, the small man, vital to the economy, such as the farmer, can now be found. The site will also translate to an app, so the best jerk spots, music joints, and jelly coconut vendor is just a tap away, whether you are already in Jamaica, or just landed at the airport. Brand Jamaica has something for everyone, and its right here at