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What a nice place fi live, sweet Jamdung! Tony Rebel could not have said it any better, Jamaica is indeed a great vacation choice. The culture, the people, and though Jamaica’s national language is English, the people also pride themselves in speaking Patois. Sit back, vibe to Tony Rebel’s “Sweet Jamaica” and see our top ten Jamaican Patois slangs to know for your upcoming trip.

  1. “Wah Gwaan” This is one of the most popular forms of greeting; in other word, What’s up?
  2. “Likkle More,” use this phrase to say later or goodbye.
  3. “Weh yuh ah seh?” What are you saying?
  4. “Mi soon forward,” I am coming, I will be there shortly.
  5. Suppose you want to be adventurous and take public transportation such as a minibus with locals. In that case, you may hear the bus conductor say, “small up yuh self”, don’t worry, he’s not asking you to magically get smaller than you are; he is merely saying make space by going over more in your seat so that the bus can accommodate more passengers.
  6. On your trip, you need to enjoy “Nuff” food and buy “Nuff’ things, “Nuff” is used to express a greater volume of things.
  7. “Rhaatid” an expression that can be used to express amazement or to just to add a dramatic flair. “Rhaatid” the jerk chicken taste really good!”.
  8. “Nyam” to eat, in other words, “the amount a food I “nyam” on my trip!”
  9. “Bredren (male), Sistren (female)” expressions used to refer to your friend, “I am visiting with a group of sistrens.”
  10. “Tek mi picka” you will need to know this phrase most of all because guaranteed you will be asking to take your picture while you experience the beauty of the island.

A bonus phrase “Walk good.”

a term used to say take care of yourself, ensure to walk good, keep safe, and enjoy all the island offers!

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Written by: Renae Walker-Walters, updated on October 30, 2020