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Reasons to Visit Jamaica

Reasons to visit Jamaica in each month!


We aren’t biased, but there is always a reason to visit the land of wood and water. Jamaica full a bere (a lot of) niceness! Each month offers an array of options to suit your vacation needs. How can we be sure, you ask? Well, the reasons are:

January- March

So ultimately, January is ideal for vacationers who need an escape from their chilly home countries and desire warmth. By January, Jamaica is no longer in the Hurricane season, so there is a strong chance that the island will be nice and hot.

The Accompong Maroons are a historical group known for defending their village from Spanish and British forces. Accompong is a village located in the hills in the parish of St Elizabeth. Annually on January 6, the Accompong Maroons celebrate the birthday of their leader named Kojo. The celebration is also a commemoration of the 1738 peace treaty with the British.

If you would love to experience the sounds of beating drums, dancing in the outdoors while mingling with the natives, then this event is simply perfect!

(Photos: Joseph Wellington, source


If you would love to attend a musical event, then Reggae Rebel Salute in January would be ideal. The event usually held at Grizzly’s Cove, Priory, in the parish of St Ann. The event also offers authentic Jamaican food options available for purchase except for meat and alcohol. For more information on ticket prices, event dates, and musical line up, please visit their Facebook page for regular updates

So, moving into the officially declared Reggae Month, February was proclaimed in 2008 to be reggae month, and can there be a reggae month without hearing the name Bob Marley? There are many events within Bob’s Marley birth week, February 1-6. Visit the official website for event dates


Reggae month is also organized by the Jamaica Reggae Industry Association (JaRIA) since the year 2009, so for information on more reggae events, visit their website


We are tracking down the road now in March, where the weather is still known to be warm with little rain, and if you are a coffee lover, you can attend the Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee Festival. The venue is in Newcastle in the parish of Kingston and St Andrew. To keep up to date with the event schedule, visit their website at

Another thrilling event in March is the Jamaica Rum Festival, which offers yes rum! But also lots of music and food and is held at Hope Gardens in the Parish of Kingston and St Andrew, visit their website for more information

While we are on the topic of rum, also be sure to check out Appleton Estate Rum, located in the parish of St Elizabeth. There is a tour, which is the Joy Spence Appleton Estate Rum Experience, which is open to the public. To plan a visit or schedule a tour, call 876-963-9215 or 876-448-2237 and also be sure to visit their website at


Also, note that March is spring break season, so be sure to check out the hotel rates during this period and book early to secure great deals.



There is a family-oriented event in April, the Jamaica International Kite Festival. The event is usually held on Easter Monday, which is a public holiday in Jamaica. The venue location is in the parish of St Ann at Grizzly’s Plantation. And you know we have your back. See the website link for more information


The Tmrw Tday Culture Fest Jamaica held in May, the event is a health and wellness retreat that offers meditation and yoga activities, conscious music, and great food. Visit their website for further details


The Jamaica Observer Food Awards is another staple event in May that showcases the best Jamaican chefs and their culinary skills. The food awards are staged on the Devon House lawns in the parish of Kingston and St Andrew. Check out their website


The Jamaica Ocho Rios Jazz Festival is held in June in the parish of St Ann in the town of Ocho Rios. The festival promises to offer Jazz workshops and seminars and, of course, lots of Jam sessions. Stay tuned with the festival itinerary at




Summer is here! And aside from lounging on the beachside for hours, some events are still quite engaging. In July, the National Dance Theatre Company’s Season of Dance showcases their versatile dancing skills from July to August. You can catch a show at the Little Theater, 4 Tom Redcam Avenue in the parish of Kingston and St Andrew. Also, keep up to date by visiting their Facebook page at


Reggae Sumfest is also yet another music festival, which is usually a week-long event in Mid-July held in the parish of St James. The event has beach parties and reggae and dancehall stage shows and if this sounds like your kind of thing, then check them out at


The annual Emancipation Jubilee celebrations, which occur from July 31st until the first week of August, honours African ancestors and their impact on Jamaica. The Jamaica Cultural Development Commission will list the different events held in this time frame; however, the Emancipation Jubilee celebrations are typically held at Seville Heritage Park in the parish of St Ann.

The Montego Bay Jerk Festival is generally scheduled on August 1, Emancipation Day, a public holiday. The festival is a family oriented event with lots of jerk food and music in the parish of St James, and in the meantime, you can entice your taste buds by checking out their website


October- December


So, as we approach October, the events wind down as Jamaica enters the tourist offseason and Hurricane season. Now don’t fear, this does not mean that there will be constant rain but take it as an opportunity to take advantage of the lower hotel rates.


The Jamaica Food and Drink festival through previous years fluctuate between October and November; however, the festival is a five-day culinary festival. To be sure when the festival will be held, keep up to date with their website


Port Antonio International Fishing Tournament is a sport fishing event typically held in late October, and the event prides itself in the sport of catching and releasing Marlin fishes. If you are interested in seeing live fishes, then keep in touch with their website to plan for the trip.


Restaurant week in Jamaica is staged by SSCo Event Management and The RJR Gleaner Communications Group and is usually held in the first to the second week in November. Restaurant week is an opportunity for persons to dine and wine at participating restaurants with discounted menu offerings. The last website update was in 2019, and due to COVID-19 in 2020, Restaurant week was not scheduled; however, visit the website in 2021 and onwards for updates


Wrap, we wrapping up with the festive season in December, and there are many fairs such as Market at the Lawn, which is a market space for local artisans to showcase their most unique products such as handmade jewelry, handbags, etc. Products are displayed underneath tents on the lawns at Devon House in the parish of Kingston and St Andrew. Updates on the scheduling are announced on their Facebook page at

Also, check back with the National Dance Theatre Facebook page for updates on their Christmas production, which is known to be a night of amazement as they perform songs and, of course, dances!


There are so many events in Jamaica, and as time goes by, new events keep surfacing, so there will always be a reason to visit Jamaica at any time of the year.


Written by: Renae Walker-Walters, updated on November 2, 2020