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We often overlook one parish in the far east of the island. When travelling from Kingston it’s quite a journey but worth it. Known for its lack of infrastructure and the rumored practice of dark magic, St. Thomas has several hidden gems that would surprise you. Locals and tourists alike have come to love the small parish for its little pockets of delight. There are a few well-kept secrets in St. Thomas that have yet to be discovered by adventure/thrill-seekers. We can bet that you haven’t visited these three places yet!

Reggae Falls

Located at the end of the meandering road through the rustic community of Hillside, you will find a secret hideaway where the towering “Reggae Falls” cascade into the Johnson River. Reggae falls is by no means designed as a tourist attraction. It is authentic and uniquely Jamaican. The area still contains the remains of an old dam which was used to supply water to the community. During the peak periods one can expect, upon arrival, to be greeted by the scent of jerked chicken and music bellowing through the trees. It is most times surrounded by locals with an entrepreneurial mindset looking to take advantage of the eventfulness by offering services such as massages, childcare and the sale of refreshments. It is open to the public, however, you will be charged a small “entry fee” imposed by a few residents. This was $300 JMD ($2.50 USD approx.) as at December 2019. This cover charge allegedly aids in the maintenance of the area as well as bathroom facilities (which are non-existent). It is a wonderful place to spend time with family and friends.

Judgement Cliff

Judgement Cliff was caused by a natural occurrence which may have invoked fear in the hearts of many Jamaicans. It is located in Mount Sinai where a monument stands, to date, commemorating the events of that fateful day of in 1692. Ever since that day, the remaining land was called “Judgement Cliff” as well as the lesser-known “Bruck Hill” possibly owing to it’s perceived bad luck. During the earthquake, a plantation and all who lived on it was buried almost instantaneously. The Cliff currently stands at approximately 1000 feet and is a sight to see! It’s an important part of Jamaica’s culture and can be visited by anyone who is interested in getting to know a bit more about our history.

The Longboarder Bar & Grill

There is something for everyone in St. Thomas, even the foodies! This restaurant is one of the best-kept secrets in the parish. The Longboarder Bar & Grill is located in White Horses, brimming with breathtaking views which may well fill your tummy before the tasty meals do. There are mainly seafood offerings with sides like festival and bammies. They offer done to order meals so you can ‘lime’ while you wait. It’s a great place to stop after you’ve had a full day at Reggae falls and Judgement Cliff.