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Jamaica is one of the more popular and bigger destinations in the Caribbean welcoming approximately 2 million visitors annually. The tropical island is popular for its beautiful scenery and indulging culture. Jamaica is known to be the land of Reggae and Dancehall, fast athletes, expressive lingo and an exquisite cuisine. But there are also many points and places of interest present. You can marvel at the vibrancy of all 14-parishes! Here are Top 10 things to enjoy in the luxurious island of Jamaica.

1. Submerge yourself in some of the most famous water bodies on the Island
There are over 200 water attractions on the island! All have rich histories and are very dear to locals and visitors. Here are the top picks for a nice dip!
Beaches – Dolphin Cove, 7 Mile Beach, Treasure Beach, Frenchman Cove
Rivers – Black River, Rio Grande, White River, Castleton River
Falls – Dunns River Falls,Rivers, The Turtle River Falls, Konoko Falls, Reach Falls
Others – Blue Hole Mineral Springs, Firewater Pond, Luminous lagoon Falmouth Bay

2. Time-travel to ancient times at one of the Great Houses
Rose Hall – Originally built in the 1770s, this slave plantation is beautifully decorated with European architecture and antiques, has a guided tour and is home to the local legend of The White Witch of Rose Hall.
Devon House – This historical landmark was constructed in 1881 by George Stiebel, the first black millionaire in Jamaica. The premises include guided tours and multiple amazing shops.
Greenwood Great House – Located in the countryside and is best known for ancient artifacts and relics and a vast European library.

3. Learn about Reggae and Rastafarianism by stopping at cultural spots
Bob Marley Museum – A former home of the late legendary Bob Marley that was later converted a few years after his death in 1981. It has a guided tour, galleries, café, theatre, and record/souvenir shops.
Trench Town Culture Yard – This is a heritage site as it is where the first beats of ska, rocksteady, and reggae were born in its tenement yards.
Dub Club – This is a reggae dance institution is perched on a hill and run by Rastafarians to go and experience the unforgettable nightlife and a view of the city.

4. Visit parts of the former richest and wickedest city in the world
Fort Charles – Built in the mid-1600s, it sits on a narrow strip of land that separates Kingston Harbor from the Caribbean Sea. There is a museum inside with historical tours.
Sunken Pirate City – The part of Port Royal known for piracy, prostitution, and rum trade. It has been hidden under 400ft of water being destroyed by an earthquake in 1692.

5. Reconnect with nature by strolling through rich vegetative sites
Hope Botanical Gardens – Built-in 1873, this 200-acred land is filled with ponds, tiny forest spots, and thousands of plant and flower species.
Fern Gully – This is a lush green tunnel driveway on the outskirts of Ocho Rios. The trees are so tall the sky becomes invisible to the eye.
Green Grotto Caves – Another stunning natural attraction located on the beautiful north coast. The caves consist of a network of interconnected passages that visitors can climb!

6. Take a tour through famous national parks
Emancipation Park – This national park in Kingston has a famous 11-foot sculpture at the entrance of the park, which symbolizes Jamaica’s emancipation from slavery.
Blue Mountains National Park – Enjoy hiking, climbing, a hidden river, and cabin life!

7. See local and international exotic wildlife at the biggest zoos on the island
Hope Zoo – Here is a 60-acre home to more than 900 animals from across the world belonging to approximately 60 species.
Also, visit Jamaica Swamp Safari and Rocklands Bird Sanctuary!

8. Experience Bamboo Rafting, Zip-lining, and Bobsledding
Rafting – Offered for one-hour along the miles of the Martha Brae River. Surrounding it is a 6-acre village with beautiful picnic grounds, a swimming pool, a full bar, and an herbal garden.
Zip Lining – This can be done at Montpellier with patient and fantastic guides, a very picturesque environment, and provides lots of fun and adrenalin.
Bobsledding – This is an adventurous and historical way to see the rain forest as a chairlift brings visitors along the length of the 700-foot Mystic Mountain.

9. Witness Local Art
The National Art Gallery – Located in the heart of Kingston, there is a wide variety of artwork by local artists showcased to the public.

10. Enjoy harvested Jamaican rum and cuisine
The ‘floating’ Pelican Bar – This is a beach bar located in the sea off the shores of St. Elizabeth. There are boat rides, cocktails, seafood galore
Boston Bay – The birthplace of the jerk with hundreds of stalls lining the streets and a surfing beach
Appleton Estate – This is an elite estate that provides an interactive tour of how Jamaica’s most popular rum is made. Samples of a wide variety of rums, raw sugar cane, and rum creams are provided.

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